Have you set your intention for the New Year?

Namaste everyone,

Happy New Year!  I have been reflecting this past week on how grateful I am for the many blessings (even those in disguise!) I have received in my life this past year.  As a newly minted Yoga Teacher, my hope this year is to share the gift of mindfulness -through the practice of yoga and meditation - to as many of my fellow brothers and sisters who wish to begin the path towards greater relaxation, clarity and ultimately freedom in their lives.   That is partly why I decided to launch Alex Yiu Yoga at this time.  It is beyond doubt that social media - in all its permutations - will assist in my humble quest to spread the "good news" of the teachings of yoga and mindfulness to those who are ready to begin or perhaps dive deeper into the honorable practice of yoga and mindfulness.

You may have also heard this already, but now is also a ripe opportunity for each of us to set our intention(s) for 2017.  You may have several intentions that you wish to realize this year; but, remember, that each intention that you set for yourself should be one that speaks to your inner authentic seat of Self.  Your intention need not be lofty in its objective; but, it must also be something meaningful to you.  Spend the time now to reflect on what it is that you wish to see come to pass in these next 12 months.  Once you have set your intention statement(s),  place it in a glass jar or bottle and seal it.  In a few weeks' time, unseal the bottle/jar and ask yourself whether you have moved towards realizing your intention statement; if not, re-seal the bottle and come back to it in another week or two.  If you have been successful in realizing your intention statement, retrieve it from the jar/bottle and then tear up the piece of paper and burn it.  Then, set another intention for yourself and place that statement in your jar/bottle.  See again in a few weeks' time if you have been successful in bringing your intention to life.  Remember, too, that your intention statements can change, which is just fine. This is life, after all!  It probably means that that intention was not truly your authentic intention. It might be that your intention manifests when you least expect it to - and that is all the more reason to live each day mindfully, in the present moment, and in all our five senses.

Have you set your intention for 2017?

Have you set your intention for 2017?

I leave you this evening with a free 20-minute guided meditation that I recorded on January 1st.   Please enjoy!

I wish you all love, happiness and hope, always.

From my heart to yours,