Welcome to Alex Yiu Yoga!

Namaste everyone,

Welcome to Alex Yiu Yoga.com!

I am thrilled to be able to share my new re-designed yoga website with you.  It is my hope that something on this site - a picture, a blog post, or maybe a "yoga inspired" song - will resonate with you in some way in your individual yoga journey.

As we move to greater happiness on and off the mat, I wish for you to always remember the infinite potentiality of your breath to unlock true wonder and beauty in your life's path.

For those who have followed my blog posts in the past on www.alexwyiu.com, I will continue to maintain this blog site as I transition to new blog posts on alexyiuyoga.com. 

Please check back here in a few weeks' time for a set of brand new posts, including where to find me teaching yoga in the YEG area this coming fall and into 2019!

Until then, I wish you continued abundance in happiness, hope and love. Always.  

Hari Om,