From my heart to yours...



I am so thrilled to be able to launch my new yoga website, Alex Yiu Yoga, with you all!  Over the last 2.5 years, I have experienced a transformation in body, breath and mind through the practice of yoga and mindfulness.   As a busy downtown YEG lawyer, the practice of yoga and mindfulness literally saved my life - physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My hope is to be able to share the teachings of this ancient and honorable practice with those who wish to seek greater harmony in their body and mind aka the "mind-body connection". How can we achieve this harmony? Through our breath.  The breath (or 'prana' in Sanskrit) is the bridge between the body and the mind, it allows us to move into greater states of receptivity, expansion, and awareness of ourselves and our surroundings - in short, our breath through the practice of yoga helps us move towards greater freedom, light, and clarity in our lives. 

Join me as we move into expansion, one breath, one moment at a time.   I will be posting regular updates and offerings for private workshops, yoga and meditation classes throughout 2017. Stay tuned!

From my heart to yours,